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[PanoToolsNG] Change of email address: send to Huckrorick@gmail.com

Hello, Please send all emails to #removed# Thank you, Huck Rorick

PanoTools NG - 'Huck Rorick' huckrorick@groundwork.org [PanoToolsNG] - 20-May-04 19:48

[PanoToolsNG] Re: stitch overlapping screenshots

Thanks for the links Eric, a useful reminder. ------------------------------------ Posted by: Keith ------------------------------------ -- Wiki: http://wiki.panotools.org User Guidelines: http://wiki.panotools.org/User_Guideline

PanoTools NG - Keith keith@fachwen.org [PanoToolsNG] - 20-Apr-01 10:46

[PanoToolsNG] Automating depth of field reduction - Aligning a stack of slightly different points of view

Hello, I "discovered" a way to give a macrophoto look'n'feel to monument building pictures, but I feel my process to be time consuming. I wonder :  - if it is possible to improve Hugin usage in this concern, or  - if another software would be m

PanoTools NG - Antonin Roussel antonin.roussel@laposte.net [PanoToolsNG] - 20-Mar-19 10:55

[PanoToolsNG] WWP: Less than 2 weeks to go...

Hello, less than two weeks to go for contributing to the "Continuity" event, also for late edit (and late contribution) for "Confusion" and "Revival". Directly to the contribution server: https://contribute2.worldwidepanorama.org/ Directly to t

PanoTools NG - Erik Krause erik.krause@gmx.de [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Oct-19 22:24

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Group closing and being deleted?

I have found this group helpful and interesting when posts have been made. Sad to see it end if that happens. Mark Wellman, Strategic Director Strategistics.us Board Member United Farmer Veterans of Maine, www.ufvme.us 499 Broadway, Ste. 269

PanoTools NG - Mark Wellman mwellman207@gmail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Oct-19 12:45

[PanoToolsNG] Group closing and being deleted?

I notice yahoo groups will become an email group only and all previous posts deleted soon? Quiet in here. I haven't helped... Perhaps the world has moved on, though seems a shame to lose the archives? Or are they already backed up elsewhere

PanoTools NG - hmmsomethingelse@yahoo.co.uk [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Oct-19 12:22

[PanoToolsNG] WWP: Confusion is live!

Hello, we just published the WWP event "Confusion". See http://worldwidepanorama.org We would like to invite any photographer of 360? panoramic images to contribute to the non-profit World Wide Panorama project. The WWP publishes panoramas shot f

PanoTools NG - Erik Krause erik.krause@gmx.de [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Aug-29 22:47

[PanoToolsNG] WWP - new event "Revival" is open for contribution!

Hello, some ideas refuse to die. The WWP is one of them. Through many years and trials we?ve pulled through, and become a bigger and better community for it. Our next theme is ?Revival?. Not just our Revival, but a celebration of the Revival of e

PanoTools NG - Erik Krause erik.krause@gmx.de [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Jul-27 20:28

[PanoToolsNG] Re: Pano in Wrong event?

Thanks for the clarification I thought the cuttoff date was the end of the month not June 21st. I see the topic for 6/19 is 'Continued' does that mean 3/19 is continued or is that the actual topic? if so my suggestion of the topic Interiors could be o

PanoTools NG - Brian Richards brianlrichards@hotmail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Jul-08 16:00

[PanoToolsNG] WWP is alive!

Hello, after a chain of unfortunate issues, which even caused the wwp page being closed down for a while, the WWP is now up again and run by a new admin team, which I'm proud to be a member of. I just published the 2018 autumn event, with the them

PanoTools NG - Erik Krause erik.krause@gmx.de [PanoToolsNG] - 19-Jul-03 22:53

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