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Date/Time:2019-Jun-15 10:01:39
Subject:Re: PTFilters with Affinity Photo


PanoTools NG: Re: PTFilters with Affinity Photo jmparatte54@... 2019-Jun-15 10:01:39
Interresting your answer. I wasn't up-to-date. I renew with old knowledges about making spherical. I'm owner of a recent PTGui Pro license and an old CS4 Web Edition. In practice when I need PSD, I' use an old CS2. I'm also owner of Affinity Photo.

 Last days, I played with my Mi Sphere Camera and I wished to calibrate it. I remembered how we can align RGB with PanoTools, etc... and I started to play with Affinity. 


 Affinity is a 64-bit software. CS2 is a 32-bit software. I downloaded from your website and installed it. No problems with CS2. Nothing with Affinity, the plugins wasn't recognized.

 I checked The result is a little bit different: Affinity finds them but hangs when invoked.

 What "better tools" can you suggest to me?

 PS: The "nabble" link mentionned in your webpage seams to be broken.


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