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Sender:Nor Schramm
Date/Time:2020-Dec-01 22:28:57
Subject:Help with Hugin 2019.2

Thread: Help with Hugin 2019.2 Nor Schramm 2020-Dec-01 22:28:57
  Thanks for allowing me in. A little about myself. I've been doing 
astrophotography for many years and occasionally want to image an object 
that  is larger than the field of view of my equipment. The obvious way 
of doing that  is to image the object in sections and then stitch them 
together to form one complete image. In the past I have been using  
Photoshop to manually match the segments and back grounds. A difficult 
problem at times. An acquaintance put me on to Hugin so I loaded up 
version 2012 and gave it a try on the, Pleiades. To my pleasant surprise 
it did a very good job of combining the 2x3 image grid into a single 

Later When I tried to open Hugin again, it requested the lens info twice 
and then quit. I tried it several more time even after rebooting the PC 
but still no luck. I decided to uninstall 2012 and get the  latest from 
the website 2019.2 for 64bit WIndows10 PC.

In trying out the new version  I load up 8 segments of a 2x4 mosaic. 
Click on    and when I click on STITCH it tells me that " There are no 
active images in the output region". What  is the output region and how 
do i get images into it?

  Nor Schramm

40°50?25.88"N / 74°54?52.75"W
Oxford, NJ USA

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