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Date/Time:2016-May-18 15:43:18
Subject:Some coaching please re image overlap


PanoTools NG: Some coaching please re image overlap mrjimbo2@... 2016-May-18 15:43:18
Hi I have a project that I'm doing and would like some input please.. Basically I'm reworking a Fotodiox 35m to 4x5 adapter.. So to keep it simple I will end up shooting two rows of 4 ... so 8 images.. No rotation of the camera is involved here. So once the image is composed it's just a matter of using this Gizmo to index the DSLR on the back of the 4x5 to acquire stitch-able images.. 
 So now my question.. What is the minimum image overlap I should shoot for so I don't shoot myself in the foot.. 15% ?  
 I need to have some machining done to an adapter plate so I can use this thing. So the amount of image overlap in this case will play into it.. 



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