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Date/Time:2020-Dec-02 01:34:00
Subject:Re: HUGIN issues

Thread: Re: HUGIN issues Nor Schramm 2020-Dec-02 01:34:00
Thanks I'll have a look.


On 12/1/2020 5:44 PM, smnshrwn wrote:
> You might like to try PtGui, the trial version. It?s not free and not 
> necessarily better but you might find it easier and better behaved.
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>> On 1 Dec 2020, at 21:29, Nor Schramm <#removed#> wrote:
>> ?
>> Hi,
>>  Thanks for allowing me in. A little about myself. I've been doing 
>> astrophotography for many years and occasionally want to image an 
>> object that  is larger than the field of view of my equipment. The 
>> obvious way of doing that  is to image the object in sections and 
>> then stitch them together to form one complete image. In the past I 
>> have been using  photoshop to manually match the segments and back 
>> grounds. A difficult problem at times. An acquaintance put me on to 
>> Hugin so I loaded up version 2012 and gave it a try on the, Pleiades. 
>> To my pleasant surprise it did a very good job of combining the 2x3 
>> image grid into a single picture.
>> Later When I tried to open Hugin again, it requested the lens info 
>> twice and then quit. I tried it several more time even after 
>> rebooting the PC but still no luck. I decided to un install2012 and 
>> get the  latest from the website 2019.2 for 64bit WIndows10 PC.
>> When I first started the new version it complained about open GL not 
>> available. After rerunning it I got no more errors and loaded my 8 
>> images 2x4 grid mosaic. Each image is 3020x1985 with an overlap of 
>> about 10%.  I selected the points automatically  but noticed there 
>> were no points is some of the images on the top and bottom  edge so I 
>> added them.
>> Finally when I click the STITCH button it fails.
>> The  log is attached.
>> Any help would be appreciated.  If I'm using the wrong program to 
>> stitch these mosaics together perhaps someone can recommend one that 
>> would work better.
>> Thanks
>>  Nor

40°50?25.88"N / 74°54?52.75"W
Oxford, NJ USA

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