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Date/Time:2000-Apr-21 12:40:32
Subject:PTViewer 0.7


proj-imim: PTViewer 0.7 Terence 2000-Apr-21 12:40:32
A little feedback on the PTViewer 0.7.
Mac G3 266 beige.MRJ 2.2
Netscape 4.7, netscape seems to handle java really badly,16 bit colour
slow jerky rotation, scripting works though, swings to designated spots
does not auto rotate.
IE 5 colour better, sharper, not quite as smooth as 0.6,  the scripting does
not work at all.
Sounds strange to say this but i am sure that it works perfectly on Windows
as before.
I would like to see some more feedback from the Windows users because if it
works fine for them thats good enough for my usage.
Terence Hogben

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