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Date/Time:2020-Nov-26 14:04:46
Subject:Re: Welcome!

Thread: Re: Welcome! smnshrwn 2020-Nov-26 14:04:46
Many thanks for all your work on this Eric,

Best wishes

Simon Sherwin

> On 26 Nov 2020, at 11:20, Erik Krause <#removed#> wrote:
> ?Hello and welcome to the new PanotoolsNG group!
> Now that the biggest rush is over, we already have 223 members. That is
> much more than I expected after the low activity level of the last time.
> Many thanks for joining and helping to keep this group alive!
> Some hints:
> Attachments are generally allowed (but keep them small since we have
> limited storage space). In the web interface you can not only set the
> delivery method but also limit the attachment size. When an attachment
> exceeds the maximum size you selected, you will receive a link to it
> (instead of receiving the actual file) so you can open it from the
> group's website. There are other nice features, so explore the web
> interface.
> I'd like you to enter your real name as display name in your group
> profile (Subscription -> Group Profile) It's always better we know to
> whom we talk.
> If you want to search the messages of the old group (and the even older
> predecessors), I'd like to point you to the archive at
> It has been refurbished and works
> now well on mobile devices, too.
> have fun and stay healthy!
> --
> Erik Krause

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