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Sender:Carol Geary
Date/Time:2000-Apr-22 21:28:36
Subject:PTViewer icon and the class file


proj-imim: PTViewer icon and the class file Carol Geary 2000-Apr-22 21:28:36
I remember an email asking about a PTViewer icon. I don't
remember seeing any answer. Could I use the icon for the
desktop PTViewer? Or is that unofficial?

About the ptviewer.class that comes in the class folder, I
wonder how and when to use it. I know that there is a .class
file in the .jar file that I must call from the HTML tag.
But for people with systems that don't read the .jar file, I
could use the separate .class file. In that case, would I
put the .class file in the same directory as the .jar? 

Is this the way it works? If the user sees .jar, it doesn't
see the .class attribute in the applet tag. If the user does
not see .jar, it might see the .class attribute? 

Sorry if this info is in the docs and I missed it. If it is,
just point me to it, please. Thanks.
Carol Geary,

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