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Sender:Helmut Dersch
Date/Time:2000-Apr-23 12:14:25
Subject:Two Problems with PTViewer


proj-imim: Two Problems with PTViewer Helmut Dersch 2000-Apr-23 12:14:25
I ran into two java related problems with PTViewer. I've
posted them on java lists without solution so far:

o The large image solution for Netscape which I introduced in 
version 0.7 works as  follows: The OutOfMemory error that Netscape 
issues in all java viewers is not due to the inability to read large 
images, as I suspected, but the inability of Netscape java to handle 
linear arrays of more than 4MB size. I now store the image pixel data 
in a two-dimensional x/y array, and the problem is gone. However, a 
weird new problem emerged: Several users stated that IE on win, which 
had no problems before, can't read images online (offline works). 

o The viewer can't be scripted in IE/Mac. Scripting works on any
Netscape platform, and IE/Windows. Is this a general problem
with IE/Mac? Has someone sources of a scriptable Applet that
works under IE/Mac?

Any suggestions welcome. 

Helmut Dersch

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