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Sender:Andrei Bodrov
Date/Time:2000-Apr-23 18:10:15
Subject:Suggestions for PTViewer


proj-imim: Suggestions for PTViewer Andrei Bodrov 2000-Apr-23 18:10:15
Dear Dr. Dersch,

I have some suggestions for next generation of PTViewer:

1. Can you also add functions for control navigation like:
"AutorotationStart()", "AutorotationStop()", "Reset()"?

2. Are it's possible to make function "showHS()" works as trigger?

3. Can you make mouse to be a "Control Center" (with functions "Zoom
In"/"Zoom Out"/"Reset") as in other java- viewers?

I made graphical control buttons for your viewer:
I think buttons "Up", "Down", Left" and "Right" is not necessary (if
user have mouse), but "AutorotationStart", "AutorotationStop" and
"Reset" may be also added.


Andrei Bodrov

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