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PTPicker and spherical

I have a question regarding PTpicker: - I have 8 horizontal fisheye photos, one for the floor and another one for the ceiling, all 8mm fisheye. - I have used a tripod for the horizontal photos, and "a-la-mano" to the other two. - When creating pairs of

proj-imim - Santiago Ribas - 00-Apr-27 00:58

PT Viewer (Java) 0.8

Hi, Great work Helmut! Here's another suggestion: I would love to see either: 1. A status bar showing the percentage of the main image that has downloaded or; 2. Progressive downloading of the main image while the user can pan around (!) I figure

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-27 00:42

Mac java problems PTVJ 0.8

Hello all. As usual the Mac has problems with the Java scripting, or should i say the browsers have problems. Me, Mac 266 G3 8.5.1. Netscape 4.7,16 bit colour, jerky very slow.scripting works but not so that you would find it handy, if you mouse click jus

proj-imim - Terence - 00-Apr-26 22:36

PT Viewer for Windows.

Hello again list. Mr. Helmut, I have a question / request. Is the source code for the PTViewer for Windows available ? Maybe I can help to make it a little faster and obtain an smoother panning. Please let me know amigo. And thank you very much in adv

proj-imim - Roberto Gomez Torres - 00-Apr-26 22:17

PT Java Viewer 0.9

Hi Helmut, hello list. Now the Java Viewer is working great with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 under Windows 98. Muchas gracias. Now, for version 0.9 I have a couple of suggestions. Hope you find them useful and like them. a) In the mean time while t

proj-imim - Roberto Gomez Torres - 00-Apr-26 20:42


Hi Helmut, it is getting better and better. Two things : 1. Autorotation stops after 25 seconds .Maybe it`s better to rotate continously until sombody hit the stop button. 2. Is it possible to create hotspots where I can change the size of the hotspot are

proj-imim - Werner Kielhausen - 00-Apr-26 14:49

PTViewer 0.8

Changes to version 0.7: 1. Slow image download in IE/win fixed. 2. New scripting options: contineous pan/tilt/zoom, more, see Readme. 3. Targets can be set in URLs for hotspots. 4. Some authoring helpers added: display mouse coordinates (Hotspots) a

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-26 14:43

Fwd: Legal Issues

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-25 09:25

FWD: Subject: Re: Panorama viewer plug-in for Director?

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-25 09:24

PTViewer 0.7 in Wintel IE

Hello, Has anyone experienced any problems using PTViewer (Java) 0.7 in IE 5 for Windows 98? On my machine, the applet loads, but most of the time the image file does not. It just sits there trying to make a connection with the server. No problem us

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-24 22:14

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