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Re: wavelet compression

I also checked there QT-based image compressor/decompressor. The image-quality was superior to jpeg (a bit) but the decompression was 12 times slower than jpeg. I did not test enough but this was to much to go any further with it. Harald Rieck > Alte

proj-imim - Harald Rieck - 00-Apr-30 23:11

Cylindrical Panorama

Does Helmut's Java viewer support cylindrical panorama images. I'm using the Live Pictures viewer now but would like to use PTViewer instead. I have only tried to use PTViewer with spherical panorama images. John

proj-imim - John Spikowski - 00-Apr-30 18:28

PTViewer example of MF camera pano

Here is a test pano with PTViewer (270K, 800*1600). http://www.culture.com.au/virtual/pano2.htm I shot this yesterday - with four handheld shots with my homebuilt medium format camera - a 24mm Mamiya fisheye on 120 film - this gives 130 by 185 degrees on

proj-imim - Peter Murphy - 00-Apr-30 06:21

wavelet compression

Professor Dersch, thought you might want to look at this interesting article on image compression. Look at the last image. It's amazing. http://www.metastream.com/whitepapers/tech_wp_compression.html

proj-imim - John - 00-Apr-30 00:55

Re: Features for PTViewer

Hi Helmut and list members Some wishes for PTViewer - - on Explorer5 (Win98 and NT4) mouse drag works outside window but not with Netscape4.7 - it would be good if it worked with Netscape despite the problem you mention with multiple windows - the comb

proj-imim - Peter Murphy - 00-Apr-29 21:01

Re: Features for PTViewer

Hi, I am away from these things at the moment. This list seems quite interesting. As far as I understand there are some limitations in Java which make it difficult to get what others proposed on this subject. Would it make sense to have several Java-vie

proj-imim - Harald Rieck - 00-Apr-29 09:36

PTViewer 0.8 Bug?

Helmut, I am experiencing a problem with PTViewer Java 0.8 on wintel IE 5 and NS 4.7: I have a frameset with the PTviewer applet in the main frame and a navigation bar in the other frame. There are 5 links in the nav bar which target the main frame t

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-Apr-28 23:15

Features for PTViewer

I would like to get to a stable, semifinal release and am collecting wishes. Version 0.9 will have: o Download feedback (thanks to Lim Kah Chuan for this trick!) o Any size and shape for hotspots (eg exactly outlined features). o Popup images for hotsp

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-28 22:43

RE: CoolPix Script

the newsest version of panotools (2.0b3) lets you specify the lense parameters...go File, New, and the top option is edit...then you can do it....I haven't had the thime to figure out how to set the points of correspondence...but I haven't taken much t

proj-imim - Ken Pooley - 00-Apr-28 17:01

CoolPix Script

Hi, Does anybody know how to modify the CoolPix script for PTStitcher from two images, (one taken at 0 drgrees & the other taken at 180 degrees), to four images taken at 0, 90, 180 & 270 degrees ? Regards, John Warren #removed# http://members.home.net/

proj-imim - John warren - 00-Apr-28 16:37

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