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Powerpoint & PTJV

Sorry maybe my question regards Powerpoint and PTJV should have read can a HTML doc be imported into a PowerPoint presentation. Regards Terence Hogben http://www.virtualworx.co.za http://home.intekom.com/terenceh/gallery.html

proj-imim - Terence - 00-May-04 08:54

PTVJ and Powerpoint (windows)

Hello all. Will this java player work within PowerPoint . Because at present if somebody wants to be sure to see the QTVR it has to come up seperately to Powerpoint. This would be ever so handy being that all customers in South Africa are running Windows

proj-imim - Terence - 00-May-04 08:17


Hello... I'm trying to stitch together 3 scans. As the optimizer is going though it's iterations, the progress dialog box shows that the average distance between desired and fitted position = NAN(000). What does that NAN(000) mean and how do I avoid it

proj-imim - Doug Brightwell - 00-May-03 22:07

RE: Cube

Hum I'd say PTStitcher does just that : here is the cube -> sphere script : p w800 nPSD_mask o f0 r0 p0 y0 v90 o f0 r0 p0 y90 v90 o f0 r0 p0 y180 v90 o f0 r0 p0 y270 v90 o f0 r0 p90 y0 v90

proj-imim - - 00-May-02 09:59

Re: Need some help for a PTPicker script for 3 images

Hi, I think you need to correct the lens for this to work with decent results. Sorry, I don't recall the exact settings. I think Helmut has this on his site somewhere. Best, Gummy > From: "f.moraud" > To: #removed# > Subject: Need some help fo

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-May-01 22:12

Need some help for a PTPicker script for 3 images

Hi, I'd like to know wether someone has a script for 3 fisheye images (Coolpix 950 fisheye) , each image separed by 120 ¡ for PTPicker. Here is my very empiric script, you are invited to check it and propose another one if you have. Thanks a lot cause

proj-imim - f.moraud - 00-May-01 21:45

Re: Features for PTViewer

Hi Helmut, Adding additional features to the applet is great, but for me the most important thing you could do now is to improve the performance of the applet and get the stand alone viewers on par with this. If you could get PTVJ to pan as quickly an

proj-imim - Gummy Bear - 00-May-01 17:06

Optimising the use of "animated gifs"

Optimising the use of "animated gifs" as "wait" could be a very usefull feature for transitions between movies It could be nice to have a feature to be able choose ð to finish to play the gif and to show the movie after (the way communicator does ac

proj-imim - gliksman - 00-May-01 16:11

Hotspot param

Hello Helmut and list I wish we could use multiple hotspot param with numbers, instead of only one like it is in your sample, because we only see the first hotspot line in Adobe Golive applet's controler and are obliged to go in the source to check the o

proj-imim - gliksman - 00-May-01 15:54


Hi, I've been trying to correct for a Kenko 0.42x converter on a Coolpix 950. It's a pretty bendy lens, and coupled with the 950s own distortions, needs some fair correction. I followed Peter Murphy's guide at: http://homepages.tig.com.au/~prism/calib.h

proj-imim - Marcus Bointon - 00-May-01 13:58

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