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Java Viewer.

Hello list. Actually, the Java Viewer under Microsoft Explorer 5.00.2919.6307 is not working. It do not download the pano image. It tried with the following page.- http://www.fh-furtwangen.de/%7Edersch/StBp_ptvj.html With the MS Explorer it stays downlo

proj-imim - Roberto Gomez Torres - 00-Apr-24 01:03

Suggestions for PTViewer

Dear Dr. Dersch, I have some suggestions for next generation of PTViewer: 1. Can you also add functions for control navigation like: "AutorotationStart()", "AutorotationStop()", "Reset()"? 2. Are it's possible to make function "showHS()" works as trigg

proj-imim - Andrei Bodrov - 00-Apr-23 18:10

Two Problems with PTViewer

I ran into two java related problems with PTViewer. I've posted them on java lists without solution so far: o The large image solution for Netscape which I introduced in version 0.7 works as follows: The OutOfMemory error that Netscape issues in all j

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-23 12:14

PTViewer icon and the class file

I remember an email asking about a PTViewer icon. I don't remember seeing any answer. Could I use the icon for the desktop PTViewer? Or is that unofficial? About the ptviewer.class that comes in the class folder, I wonder how and when to use it. I know t

proj-imim - Carol Geary - 00-Apr-22 21:28

[Fwd: Ipix image file info]

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-22 10:28

PTViewer 0.7

Hello A little feedback on the PTViewer 0.7. Mac G3 266 beige.MRJ 2.2 Netscape 4.7, netscape seems to handle java really badly,16 bit colour slow jerky rotation, scripting works though, swings to designated spots does not auto rotate. IE 5 colour better,

proj-imim - Terence - 00-Apr-21 12:40

Re: PT Documentation

-----Message d'origine----- De : John Spikowski Ë : PROJ-IMIM Date : vendredi 21 avril 2000 09:21 Objet : PT Documentation > Philo Wrote: > > My procedure is as follow : > > 1. First I shoot the panorama, 3 fisheye snapshots 120¡ apart >

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-21 11:08

PT Documentation

Philo Wrote: My procedure is as follow : 1. First I shoot the panorama, 3 fisheye snapshots 120¡ apart I'm using a 180 degree fisheye lens (8mm) with two shots. 2. Using Photoshop I then crop the three photos to a square just on the limit of the

proj-imim - John Spikowski - 00-Apr-21 09:17

Standalone Tool Progress

I have been able to feed cropped fish eye images (2) to PTOptimizer with control point selected with Pixel Picker and almost have an aligned spherical panorama image. This takes 20-30 minutes on my 450mhz PC. I would like to use the Photo Shop plug-in a

proj-imim - John Spikowski - 00-Apr-21 06:04

Step by step Instructions

Hi List: I have been trying for weeks to get a resulting spherical panorama from two fish eye shots. Camera: Nikon Coolpix 950 Lens: Nikon 8mm (180 degree FOV) Rotor: IPIX Software: Photo Shop 5.5 This is what I have been able to figure out so far f

proj-imim - John Spikowski - 00-Apr-21 05:35

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