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AW: PTViewer Version 0.6, transparant gifs

Aldo Hoeben wrote: > > On my windows-setup (Win2K, IE 5.0), transparent GIFs work (ie: the > butterfly in the sample has no surrounding rectangle). . . . as they do on my Win95, Netscape 4.7, monitor color depth 32 bit. Happy spinning, Horst

proj-imim - Horst Wieser - 00-Apr-14 18:59

PTViewer (Java) Version 0.6

Changes to version 0.5: o Zoom limits settable o Color of Hotspotmarker settable. o Optional Hotspot images, see butterfly in example panorama. These are displayed inside the viewer window when hotspots are activated. Unfortunately, transparent g

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-14 16:55

I think I am signed up...lets give it a shot....

I have been using PanToos2.0b1 and have been pretty happy with it. I am sticthing two frames from a Nikon CP700 w/fisheye adaptor to get a spherical Pano...that then goes into Photovista and out....the quality of the output from Photovista seems pretty

proj-imim - Ken Pooley - 00-Apr-13 18:18

Hello list

Is this it? If so, I'm here. Just published some web pages using the PTViewer, java style. It has some great advantages over live picture. -- Carol Geary, http://home.earthlink.net/~caroling/

proj-imim - Carol Geary - 00-Apr-11 19:55

Re: Stand alone viewer

> After several years since the introduction of QTVR, I'm so supprise > that there are no decent standalone spherical viewer for Mac and PC Director 8.5 is not released yet, but it is very easy to make panorama viewers with Shockwave3D, you can eve

proj-imim - - 70-Jan-01 01:00


What is going on w/ free360.org? The website only has a graphic with no links. Is there a better resourse around for sharing research on prior art in opposition to ipix's patent claims?

proj-imim - - 70-Jan-01 01:00


> Subject: PDA Viewer - CoolViz > > http://www.realviz.com/industries/digital_im/coolviz_features.php > > The product info for the Realviz PDA panorama viewer says it supports > cylindrical panos. However, I'm almost positive the version I playe

proj-imim - - 70-Jan-01 01:00

jpeg 2000

> I did some subjective tests a while back with the then current jpeg > 2000 codec, but I typically only got 15-20% improvement in file > size over the standard jpeg codec in use today. This is a disappointment. Did you try streaming it over the

proj-imim - - 70-Jan-01 01:00

No Java for Windows XP

So does Microsoft hate panoramas or what? Thier new operating system windows XP will not have Java installed! http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-6598727.html So people who want to view our content will have to download a 6-9MB QT installer or a 5MB

proj-imim - - 70-Jan-01 01:00

re: hardware accelorated players

> Shockwave 3D has the ability to be accellerated by DirectX OpenGL or via > software and to automatically detect the plattform. > I'm not shure but i think that 'RealViz Stitcher 3' can output in this > format as wall as 'image modeler' will be. Thi

proj-imim - - 70-Jan-01 01:00

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