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Builder Value Translation

I find it very easy to use IPIX Builder to align fisheye images. The program generates a settings file that I would like to use with PTSticher. Does anyone think that I can use the following values to build a script.txt file? (translated) name = IPIX Bui

proj-imim - John Spikowski - 00-Apr-18 08:07

Re: New Member

proj-imim - Philo - 00-Apr-17 20:50

AW: PTViewer (Java) Version 0.6

Hi, I did a little comparison between HotMedia 2.5 and Helmut's PTViewer today. The most obvious thing for me is that HotMedia doesn't correct vertically, leading to a much less "immersive" impression than PTViewer. What I like in HotMedia is the possib

proj-imim - Horst Wieser - 00-Apr-17 16:04

PTViewer 0.6

proj-imim - Terence - 00-Apr-17 13:24

Compatibility List

I have received more feedback about the java viewer and compiled it into a list Few problems appear to exist in any of the Wintel platforms. In MacOS problems exist (a) for slow cpus (

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-17 13:01

PTViewer 0.6

proj-imim - Terence - 00-Apr-16 22:31

New Member

Hello List, My name is John Spikowski and I live in Anacortes, Washington USA. I started off using IPIX to create 360 sphere panorama images till I found Helmut's wonderful set of tools. I'm still having a problem understanding how to use PT and PhotoSh

proj-imim - John Spikowski - 00-Apr-16 22:29

ptviewer java applet on 200MHz Mac

Just tested ptviewer java applet on 200MHz Mac. It is very bad. This is StarMax 4000/200, OS8.5, 64MB RAM. NC 4.6 will start a pan but either goes to + or -90 degrees, top or bottom. It seems to want to autorotate and is impossible to control with the cur

proj-imim - Carol Geary - 00-Apr-16 20:05

Memory requirements in Java viewers

Java has its own image loading procedure "getImage(url)", which loads jpeg and gif images. Any java viewer depending on jpeg images (LivePicture, CylPan, PTViewer) uses this routine to load images. It is responsible for the slow startup (almost entirely d

proj-imim - Helmut Dersch - 00-Apr-16 11:49

PTJViewer user tunning

***** PTJViewer tests ***** For me the applets works fine in Internet Explorer 4.5 and 5.0 on Mac Mac Os 8.6, and Explorer 5 on Win 95. with a correct rotation speed and a very good image quality (may be a little too smooth). It doesn't pan as fast as L

proj-imim - gliksman - 00-Apr-15 17:54

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